Preppy Punk 2

August 10th, 2009


Well, I have been so focus on our clients’ deadlines that I missed my own last week. Okay, so I have come to some finalist on the board designs for my son skate deck. You can see where I am mixing the preppy lines with the crest that is a bit rougher in treatment. I thought I would use Harrison’s coat of arms I developed for him when he was born. I worked in a lot of symbols to represent him and that ties back to the symbols the Winslow family has been known for since before we came over from England on the Mayflower.

The symbol below the crest, sort of an upside down crown stands for first born. The symbols inside the crest, starting from the upper left moving around clockwise, is a chevron which represents protection or faithful service. The acorn stands for antiquity and strength. The stump with the new limb growing out of it represents the new emerging from the old. And the last symbol on the inside of the crest is for constancy,  or steadfastness, usually granted to commanders. The lion is the astrological sign of Leo, as well as dauntless courage which suits  Harry’s personality when it comes to skate boarding and biking.In addition to the colors I have on these comps I am going to add silver which represents peace and sincerity.

To create a bit more splash I plan on having the board laser etched then I will fill the recessed areas with paint. We’ll see how that looks. A lot of work for something that is going to get scratched up. I have got a plan for that too but you’re going to have to come back and check out how it is progressing. I am getting more excited as I get into this.


Preppy Punk

July 29th, 2009

Blank canvas

Blank canvas

I have started a project that I have been meaning to start for some time, developing a one-of-a-kind skate board deck for my son who loves to rip it up at the skate park. I am starting from this extra white deck I picked up last year. Follow me every week as I progress to see where I land with the design. Currently I am thinking of blending a bit of the preppy stripes you would see on a Ralph Lauren polo shirt and a rough hand style illustration of some sort. A little of the refined with the unrefined. Check back next week!


Paul, take it up with Kodak

June 29th, 2009

Steve McCurry Photograph

Last week Kodak announced the end of the line for Kodachrome, a color positive film often associated with it’s vibrant and saturated colors. While my preference for film shooting lies in black and white (I’ll shoot an occasional roll of expired color negative film) it’s a shame to see these photographic hallmarks (Kodachrome, Polaroid) going the way of the Dodo. A major factor for Kodachrome’s discontinuation can be attributed to the complex process required to develop the film, however, one cannot help to correlate the loss of these analog mediums to the advent and exponential development of the “digital age”.

Available on Kodak’s website is this tasty gallery of images taken with Kodachrome film. The photograph featured at the top of this post was taken by Steve McCurry who has created world renowned photographs with the film.

In no way am I saying film is better then digital, but give me film over digital any day. That’s just me. I prefer the quality, the imperfections, the process, the patience required, the darkroom and the knowledge that I can hold and inspect my film in a physical space far away from a computer, I cannot do that with 1’s and 0’s.

Regardless, hopefully Paul still has his Nikon camera and can find some other film to shoot with for some time to come.

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