Liquid develops Super Bowl spot

February 10th, 2010

Watching the Super Bowl this year was a big deal for us at Liquid. We developed a 30-second TV spot for UGC Media, LLC – creators of that was featured on Super Bowl Sunday during the pre-game special on CBS.

The video wasn’t like your typical Super Bowl ad, or even like the standard commercial for that matter – it didn’t have any voices or funny themes but rather used a combination of sound and motion graphics to grab the viewers attention and convey their message. Steve Stith, CEO of UGC Media, LLC said, “Running our ad during the Super Bowl Kick-Off time slot not only gave us a bump in traffic – it also gave every person that contributed to the launch of a big bump in personal pride.” You can view the TV ad below.

Their unique Web site provides a way for talented individuals across the nation to be discovered by top entertainment business agents that can help them realize their talent potential but more importantly, their dreams. There are over 20 different categories that the users can submit their videos for judging to the site. The site is designed to have full scalability and accept a countless amount of video uploads.


Preppy Punk #3

August 20th, 2009

Alright, I am real excited how the design looks on the board after having it lasered. It turned out really great thanks to the folks at Lasertag Cartel, especially Kurt Barbee. He was very knowledgeable with setting everything up so that the depths of the laser etched parts were done just the right way. This effect will add a lot of class and uniqueness to the board. I was amazed at the details. Even the six point type came out nice.

The next phase of this project is to paint the recessed parts similar to the colors in my last post. I expect it to take me a bit longer than these last stages. There is a lot of detail to cover. I may try and work in some subtle patterning in the stripes. I am really digging the modern hard edge shapes with the organic treatment of the crest. It is almost like they don’t go together, which creates an interesting tension in the design. Having it done in the same style helps tie everything together nicely.



Marketing is still a scary commitment these days!

August 10th, 2009



Working in the service industry, you see a lot of different businesses handling the recession in a wide variety of ways. Some shutting down all of their marketing activity completely, while others are still trying to do more with less and finally the majority is attempting to band-aid their current GTM’s plans just to stay a float…dancing the 2-Step with their budgets.
In any case, it makes the jobs of consultants and marketing service companies a lot tougher. Consumer confidence is still questionable at best which as a result, manufactures, distributors, wholesalers, re-sellers and retailers aren’t willing to commitment unconditionally as in years past.
For some of us, we have never really experienced this type of “extreme customer behavior” in our professional lives. It is definitely something to learn from and grow from as marketing professionals.
Stay Positive, we’ll get out of this – Together!!!!


More goat giveaways

June 1st, 2009

Although Liquid inc. donated goats to needy families during the holiday season of 2008, it appears that the idea of goat donation is catching on globally. What better than to receive a free goat upon the purchase of a new car?



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